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all is full of love

no one in the world gets what they want, and that's beautiful

aberdeen redneck hick
17 November
i am the prophet and my milkshake is better than yours.

I am Pansexual, Are You?

.hack//sign, agnosticism, aliens, american dream, angsty teenagers, areyouafraidofthedark?, bastards, being unwanted, black comedies, body modification, bohemian rapsody, bondage, boogers, box cutta style, brains, bright eyes, brothers quay, chocolate, cibo matto, circle jerks, coffee, confidential confessions, conviction, cyberpunk, cyborgs, cynics, dead people, death, distorted perceptions, donnie darko, dragons of earth, drugs, drujienna's harp, eddie shredder, emo, epistemology, eschatology, eternal darkness, evanescence, evangelion, excruciating pain, experimental music, eye shadow, faeries, false sense of security, fantasy, fashion, feelings, gangster rap, gehenna, goths, greenlight underground, harry potter, hate, hate crimes, hearts of ice, hot chocolate, intensity, interpol, kids in the hall, kung faux, kurt cobain, labels, labyrinth, liquid candy, lockets, london after midnight, loreena mckennitt, love, lovers, magick, making coffee naked, malufunkshun, mary sues, masochism, michael donovan, milton, msi, mtv's oddities, muddy waters, muzaak, my hero, my milkshake, nail polish, naruto, neverland, nihilism, otep, paganism, paradise kiss, paranoia, passion, pee wee's playhouse, pendants, people, peter pan, pixie dust, poison the well, pop-punk, prophecies, psychologists, punk rock, radiohead, ranma, ravnos, requiem for a dream, robots, sadism, sasuke's butt crack, scars, schizophrenia, sense of humor, serial killers, sinister plots, skip james, slaughter, solipsism, spirited away, stabbing westward, statistics, suicide, super dollfie, system of a down, taotaomonas, the cure, the dark, the fifth element, the head, the maxx, the neverending story, the one armed man, the polyphonic spree, the right track, the second thousand, the wenis, tomoe hotaru, tori amos, trends, unbirthdays, vintage pin-ups, war of the buttons, waterworld, wayne's world, wb yeats, wwiii, x/1999, yaoi, yoshitaka amano, yuri